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Brick walls pressure washing by FUTURE pressure washing Ipswich

Pressure Washing Brick
Walls & Coping Stones
Professional Industrial Cleaning

Pressure washing Brick Walls, Masonry, Mortar and Coping stones is an excellent way to make an old dirty wall look its best again. The specialist knowledge of pressure settings is vital so that the brick surface does not get damaged. The years of algae moss and grime can be removed making the walls beautiful again.

Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, including: Ipswich Stowmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Colchester, Felixstowe, Thetford, Woodbridge, Martlesham, Hadleigh, Framingham & Surrounding Areas

Brick wall with bushes above before and after cleaning  by future pressure washing Ipswich Suffolk
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Masonry & Mortar

Pressure washing brick walls with the correct equipment set at the required pressure  it will remove all the moss lichen dirt and grime and then by treating the bricks and mortar it will stay looking great for years! Once Algae spores start to get into the brick it will need treating as this is the starting point for everything else to grow.

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Brick Walls

Brick walls and mortar are at risk of crumbling if damp and mould is left for too long. After pressure washing / Jet washing the brick a biocide chemical treatment is used. This will stop the process by killing off the mould spores that hold the moisture that turned the wall green or black and stop your home from looking unsightly!

Brick wall dirty and clean by future pressure washing Ipswich Suffolk
Brick Wall cleaned by FUTURE Pressure Washing Ipswich
Google 5 star rating image for Future Pressure washing Ipswich Suffolk

Chemical Treatment

Bricks are prone to crumbling over time because water gets absorbed in wet/damp conditions and not drying out fast enough causes them to be prone to ice fracturing them in winter conditions. This is due to the fact that water expands by 10% when it is frozen.
The best way to help prevent this is to have a waterproof barrier put over the bricks to make the water "bead up" and run off rather than soaking in.
After the bricks have been Pressure washed and biocide treated the protective barrier can be applied.

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