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Pressure Washing Bright Green Cyanobacteria and Nasty Black Aspergillosis Biocide treatment.

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Staying clean by having a yearly biocide treatment. Let me explain briefly how it works. The chemicals kills the Cyanobacteria bacteria and the Aspergillosis Fungus. (The Cyanobacteria creates Algae that produces the nitrogen that moss and lichen needs to attach.

Once there is Algae the the Aspergillosis Fungus can form. You will notice these as either by green for Cyanobacteria or black for Aspergillosis. Killing these back each year will keep your areas looking better and preventing greater expense with not having to have another full deep clean done again so soon. This service will only cost a fraction of a full clean and is done in spring time each year. FUTURE Pressure Washing Ipswich Suffolk Norfolk and Essex

Walls covered in algae removed by FUTURE pressure washing
Pressure Washing


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